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Porcelain Veneers

Cosmetic flaws can leave you feeling self-conscious about the appearance of your smile.

Porcelain veneers are a versatile solution that can address many dental problems.

Learn how Dr. Michael Feldstein and the team at Jewel Dental Associates in Flushing, NY, can transform your smile.

How Porcelain Veneers Work Covering the Basics

Porcelain veneers are a simple and versatile treatment option for aesthetic imperfections that affect the front teeth. Here is what patients should know.
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Ultra-Thin Porcelain Shells

Dental veneers are ultra-thin shells of strong porcelain that fit over the front of a tooth. A little bit of enamel is removed to produce a seamless and snug fit.

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Mask Imperfections

Think of a dental veneer as a mask for a tooth. When a veneer is in place, it covers up dental imperfections, helping your tooth look naturally flawless and perfect.

Real Patients, Dramatic Results What Porcelain Veneers Can Do for You

Before porcelain veneers treatment
Before This patient suffered from severe tooth discoloration as well as problems with the size and shape of the teeth.
After porcelain veneers treatment
After Thanks to veneers and gum contouring, the smile has been completely revitalized and enhanced.

High-Quality Dental Care You Can Count On

"Jewel Dental Associates is the highest level of dentistry in metropolitan NYC. I've gone there for years. Thank God that they are not to far from were I live. A special thanks to the staff of Jewel Dental Associates because they are nothing less than magnificent." Bruno Buium

The Cost of Veneers

Dental veneers are effective, but they could be outside of a person's budget. Our team works with all patients to make sure they get the right treatment for their needs.

Average Cost of Care

The average cost of getting dental veneers can vary depending on the number required and any additional cosmetic work that is needed. We can provide a full breakdown of the cost of your treatment during your consultation.

Financing and Alternatives

If the cost of care is outside of your current means, we do offer financing options that help break the total cost of treatment into monthly installments. We can also discuss more affordable treatment alternatives, such as teeth whitening and bonding.

Contact Our Experienced Dentists

Together, Dr. Michael S. Feldstein and Dr. Mitchell Teitel have more than 85 years of combined experience in dentistry here in New York. They bring all of that knowledge and understanding to every patient who visits Jewel Dental Associates.

Dr. Feldstein's father built this practice in Flushing, NY, more than 60 years ago. It still operates today on the same corner where it all started. Jewel Dental Associates continues to provide the local New York community with caring, welcoming, and state-of-the-art care for the entire family.

To ask us a question, contact Jewel Dental Associates online. You can also reach us by phone at:

(718) 261-7071

Dr. Michael S. Feldstein
Dr. Michael S. Feldstein

"Dr. Feldstein Is a Wonderful, Caring Practitioner" Reviews for Our Trusted Dentists in Flushing, NY


Darin Chin


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I have been using Dr. Teitel office for decades. He is excellent the staff wonderful and Jane the hygienist exceptional. I highly recommend this Dental office!

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Frank Esposito


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Absolute ROCK STARS, everyone in this office are just the best. I have been a patient here for over 30 years and I can't possibly say enough good things about them and the work they do. Dr Feldstein is amazing.

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Experience a Total Smile Makeover Thanks to Dental Veneers

Before porcelain veneers
Before This patient suffered from general tooth discoloration and crowding and spacing issues with the front teeth.
After porcelain veneers
After Using just porcelain veneers, we dramatically whitened the teeth and created beautiful symmetry and balance.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Dental Veneers?

When you visit our Flushing practice, we'll perform a full exam and determine if you're a good candidate for porcelain veneers. Many veneers patients meet the criteria below:

Self-Conscious About Their Appearance

If you have cosmetic flaws that affect the look of your smile, you probably want to make a positive change. Veneers can transform teeth that are discolored, damaged, or otherwise imperfect.

Sufficient Tooth Enamel

A small amount of enamel is removed to accommodate a porcelain veneer. Patients need to have enough healthy enamel on their tooth so the veneer can be safely and seamlessly placed.

Good Overall Dental Health

Patients should have generally healthy teeth and not suffer from cavities, gum disease, teeth grinding (bruxism), or other issues. Problems must be resolved before undergoing cosmetic care.

Commitment to Lasting Change

After getting veneers, it's important that patients take aftercare seriously. That means good hygiene, regular dentist visits, and following aftercare instructions to ensure their veneers last for years.

"He Is an Excellent Dentist and a Caring Gentleman!" 5-Star Reviews from Patients in Flushing, NY


Maureen Di Maio


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Amazing care for the 20 years I have been a patient. From all of the staff always efficient friendly kind .

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The office is very clean and the staff is Amazing!!! I highly recommend this Dentist.

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Contact Our Dental Practice Learn More About Cosmetic Dentistry

Jewel Dental Associates has proudly served Flushing, NY, for more than six decades from the same location. We care about the patients we've met over the years and cherish all of the children and grandchildren we've met in that time as well.

During your visit, we can assess your current dental health needs and goals to determine if dental veneers are the right cosmetic dentistry option for you.

To schedule a consultation with our caring team of professionals, reach us online or by phone at:

(718) 261-7071

Dr. Feldstein and the Jewel Dental Associates team
Dr. Feldstein and the Jewel Dental Associates team

A Treatment Timeline The Veneers Placement Process

From start to finish, it only takes two weeks for a patient to get custom veneers. Here is a step-by-step look at the treatment process:
At the dental lab, skilled technicians will create custom porcelain veneers that fit precisely.
At the dental lab, skilled technicians will create custom porcelain veneers that fit precisely.

Initial Consultation

During the initial visit, we'll take digital x-rays and discuss your dental health goals. We'll let you know which cosmetic dentistry options are right for you.

Prepping Teeth

If veneers are right for your needs, we'll prep the tooth or teeth. This involves removing less than a millimeter of enamel so the porcelain shell sits flush against adjacent teeth.

Taking Impressions

Once the teeth are prepped, we take digital impressions. These impressions are sent to skilled technicians at an off-site lab where the custom dental veneers are made.

Temporary Veneers

In the meantime, temporary veneers are placed over the prepped teeth. Patients should follow all instructions from the dentist to care for the temporary veneers.

Crafting Custom Veneers

At the dental lab, skilled technicians will create custom porcelain veneers that fit precisely. They will also match the color of the porcelain shell to your natural teeth.

Placing Final Veneers

When the permanent veneers are ready, the temporary ones are removed. Your dentist will check the fit one last time before your final porcelain veneers are secured in place.

See How Porcelain Veneers Are Placed

Even the most flawed smile can be enhanced thanks to dental veneers. That's why dentists and patients love these ultra-thin shells of durable porcelain.

"I Hope That He Never Retires" See Why Our Patients Love Us


jeffrey haberman


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I have been a patient of Mitchell Teitel for over 45 years, and my wife and so are also patients. Dr. Teitel is a broadly skilled dentist with respect to all aspects of dentistry - diagnosing the problem, fashioning a remedy and then performing the needed work. I hope that he never retires.

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DJ Marla Jo


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this is the kind of dental office that you go to for life. I started as a teenager and I’m still a faithful patient of Dr. Teitel and the wonderful wonderful wonderful staff. I’ve never been afraid to go to the dentist because I know I’m in the best possible hands.

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Have You Waited Long Enough? Call for a Free Consultation

Sometimes all it takes is a phone call and a few helpful answers to realize your dreams are within reach. If you've been sitting on the sidelines trying to figure out what to do, maybe it's time to talk with an expert to understand what the right choices are for your smile.

Dr. Feldstein at Jewel Dental Associates in Flushing would be happy to examine your mouth and offer definitive answers about veneers and costs so you can take the next steps in getting a smile you're happy to share. All you have to do is make a phone call or request a consultation online.

(718) 261-7071

A 60 Year Tradition
of Family Dentistry in Flushing, NY

How Long Will My Veneers Last?


On average, dental veneers can last up to 15 years with proper care. The team at our Flushing office can check your veneers if they've been chipped or cracked and recommend replacement if necessary.

Signs Your Veneers Need to Be Replaced

While our dentists will catch signs of worn down dental veneers during regular cleaning and appointments, there are a few warning signs that you can be on the look out for between checkups. Some of the most common signs that your veneers have to be replaced include:

  • Visible chips or cracks on the veneer
  • The veneer seems to be lifted from the tooth surface
  • Discoloration to the veneer material
  • Changes in the brightness or shininess of the veneer

Additional Issues to Note

In addition to the above, you should get in touch with our practice if your tooth with a veneer develops pain or sensitivity or if gum recession occurs around the tooth with a veneer. This could be signs of tooth decay beneath the dental veneer or other health issues that require professional attention.

"I Would Recommend Them Anytime" Quality Dental Care in Flushing, NY


Mary B


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Simply the best dentist office there is. Everyone who works at this office deserves an award for their kindness, understanding and professionalism. Treated like family since day one and I refuse to go anywhere else.

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The people who work here are so kind.They are truly dedicated to their work. That’s why I have been coming here for years.

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FAQs Common Questions Our New York Dentist Hears

How Many Veneers Should I Get?

Dr. Feldstein will work closely with you to understand what you don't like about your smile and what your goals are. By understanding your concerns, he can determine if you need just one veneer or a full set to create the balance and symmetry that are the hallmarks of a beautiful smile.

How Do I Get Veneers to Match My Other Teeth?

Dr. Feldstein takes great care during the planning process to ensure your veneers not only camouflage problems but also blend in with your teeth to create a natural, symmetrical smile. In addition to being skilled in the use of advanced technology, he has years of hands-on experience in planning and placing veneers. He takes into account the size, shape, and color of your teeth so your smile will look completely natural.

Are Veneers Permanent?

Because a small amount of enamel needs to be removed from your teeth, the procedure to get porcelain veneers is not reversible. Just like any dental restoration, a veneer can break or fall off. If a veneer is damaged, you will have to replace it with a new one to avoid complications.

What's the Difference Between a Veneer and a Crown?

While dental crowns are typically used to repair damaged or decayed teeth, they can also be used cosmetically to improve a tooth that is small or misshapen. Unlike a veneer, which is a thin shell placed on the front of a tooth, a crown covers a tooth on all sides like a cap. Dr. Feldstein can help determine whether crowns or veneers are the best solution in your situation. 

Dr. Michael Feldstein

Jewel Dental Associates Michael Feldstein DMD

Dr. Feldstein has been placing dental implants for over 30 years. In that time, he has successfully placed over 4,000 implants. In addition, he is a member of several prestigious organizations, including:

  • American Dental Association
  • New York State Dental Association
  • Queens County Dental Society
  • American Academy of Periodontics

For more information about the incredible results we can achieve with dental implants, contact our Flushing office online or call (718) 261-7071 today. 

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