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Smile Design

If you have an imperfect smile due to chips, discoloration, or misalignment, it can impact your oral health and your self-confidence.

At Jewel Dental Associates, Michael Feldstein, DMD, offers customized cosmetic dentistry treatment plans to create the smile of your dreams.

Interested in a smile makeover? Learn how our Flushing, NY, dentist can bring a brand-new smile to your face.

Is the Condition of My Smile Really Important? When You Have a Nice Smile, People Take Notice...

Five Important Benefits Of Smile Design Treatment

Restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures performed by our dentists can do a lot more than just give you a stunning smile. They can also improve your mood, oral health, and physical health.

Higher Self-Esteem

People with healthy smiles can feel more confident in the workplace and at social events. If compromised teeth make you hesitant to smile in public, contact our Flushing, NY, practice about a customized dentistry procedure plan.


Improves Speaking Functions

Your tongue works with your teeth to pronounce sounds properly. Gaps in your smile caused by misaligned or missing teeth can cause lisping or slurred or garbled words when you talk to someone.  


Improved Diet 

Missing or damaged teeth can cause you to skip nutritious foods like nuts, fresh fruit, or crunchy raw veggies. Our dentist can use cosmetic dentistry treatments to improve your bite, your diet, and your health.


Relieves Stress

An NBC news report says smiling frequently causes a chemical reaction in the brain that can lower stress, boost your immune system, and make you feel happier. Not smiling due to compromised teeth can have the opposite effect.

Better Oral Health

For patients needing to replace missing teeth, dental implants can help improve oral health by ensuring a strong jaw. Dental implants fuse with your jawbone and act as prosthetic tooth roots, preventing jawbone weakening.

Smile Design Treatments

How can we create a brighter, rejuvenated, more confident appearance? Here are just a few of the dentistry procedures that may be included in the customized cosmetic dentistry treatment plan your Jewel Dental Associates dentist designs for you:

Why Come to Jewel Dental Associates of Flushing, NY? We Offer Customized and Comprehensive Family Dental Care

Dr. Michael Feldstein is a highly skilled cosmetic dentistry expert who can safely and effectively perform virtually every kind of cosmetic, restorative, and implant procedure at our comfortable, clean, and state-of-the-art Flushing office, from restoring your gum and dental health to performing complete smile makeovers.

  • You can receive virtually any dentistry treatment under one roof.
  • There's no inconvenience of scheduling multiple appointments at multiple practices.
  • This simplifies the staging and financing of your treatments with a plan that works best for you.

We're a Family Practice...Literally

Dr. Feldstein's father founded Jewel Dental Associates over 60 years ago, and his dad's dedication to excellence continues today thanks to his talented, caring son. If you're unhappy with the way your smile looks and want to learn how a customized smile design treatment plan can refresh your appearance and boost your confidence, give us a call or use our convenient online form to set up a free smile analysis. We'd love for you to become a part of our extended family.

(718) 261-7071

Dr. Feldstein
Dr. Michael Feldstein

"I recommend them 100%." 5-Star Reviews From Our Smiling Patients


Karina Ruiz


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Great service from the receptionist to Dr Michael and his assistant, Jo. Very affordable prices and clean office. I recommend them 100%.

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Alan Sloyer


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Top-notch service and staff. Dr. Feldstein is a wonderful caring practitioner who takes excellent care of these patients. Highly recommend.

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Combining Restorative and Cosmetic Care

While cosmetic procedures aim to improve the appearance of your teeth and gums and restorative procedures aim to improve the function of your mouth, both can be used to completely transform your smile.

Our dentist, Michael Feldstein, can artfully combine both types of dentistry to safely target your specific concerns. For example, teeth whitening can be performed before veneers or crowns so your new restoration matches your whiter teeth. This allows you to receive more comprehensive results through fewer treatments.

Our dentist can design a customized treatment plan for you during your consultation at our Flushing office. This plan will reduce the number of appointments you'll need, save you time, and lower your total cost.

See What Restorative and Cosmetic Treatment Can Do

Before Treatment
After Treatment
We used veneers and dental crowns to restore both the functionality and appearance of this patient's smile.

The Smile Design Timeline

Although the extent of your treatment will depend on which dentistry procedures you'll receive at our Flushing practice, you can generally expect several steps:

Some smile makeover treatments, like teeth whitening or dental bonding, can be performed in just one visit.
Some smile makeover treatments, like teeth whitening or dental bonding, can be performed in just one visit.


Dr. Feldstein will sit down with you to discuss your goals and go over your treatment options.


We'll use advanced planning methods to create a custom smile design plan based on your desired goals.


We'll prepare for your makeover by taking impressions and sending them to our trusted lab, if necessary. Need dental implants? They'll be placed four to six months before your final restoration.


Some nonsurgical cosmetic treatments, like teeth whitening or dental bonding, can be performed in one day. Others, like dental crowns or veneers, will be completed a few weeks after your initial appointment.


More Reasons to Choose Jewel Dental Associates For Your Smile Makeover

Honest, Affordable Pricing

Our practice will work closely with you to create a smile design treatment plan that fits your budget, needs, and long-term goals. We present all costs upfront and accept many types of insurance and most credit cards.

Flexible Financing

Most cosmetic treatments are not covered by insurance; however, some procedures, like dental crowns, may be partially covered. We proudly offer affordable financing through CareCredit®.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Dr. Feldstein uses the most advanced dental technology, including dental lasers, digital X-rays, and intraoral photography, to make your smile makeover procedures safer and more effective. These techniques can also make your recovery faster and more comfortable.

Warm, Comforting Office

We offer first-class amenities such as flatscreen TVs in every operatory and various music streaming services (including Apple, Pandora, and Spotify) for your comfort.

Am I a Candidate For a Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment Plan?

You likely are a great candidate, as long as you meet the following qualifications:

Have Good Oral Health

Cosmetic dentistry needs the foundation of a healthy smile. Before your smile design treatments can be performed, our dentist will first need to treat outstanding oral health issues like cavities, gum disease, or infections. 

Be Committed to Good Oral Hygiene

You want your results to look great for years to come. Help protect your investment by practicing good oral hygiene and avoiding habits like smoking that can damage or stain your teeth.

Maintain Realistic Expectations

As with any investment, you get what you pay for in dentistry. Less expensive treatments like dental bonding may not give you the long-lasting, lifelike results that our top-grade porcelain veneers can.

Get Ready to Smile the Best Smile of Your Life

Begin your journey to an improved smile, better oral functions, and boosted confidence by requesting a cosmetic dentistry consultation at our friendly, close-knit practice today. 

Our dentist and our office staff welcome patients of all ages like family the moment they walk into our comfy, homey reception area.

Superior dentistry treatments and top-notch customer care have kept us in business, through good times and bad, for over 60 years. Please use our simple online form or give us a call to request an appointment.

(718) 261-7071

Michael Feldstein, DMD

Our Flushing, NY, Patients Give Us Glowing Reviews


Bonnie Phillips


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I have been a patient of this practice since 1986 and have never been anything less than 100% satisfied. Dr. Feldstein is a terrific dentist. He is very creative in problem-solving and does beautiful work. He builds an easy rapport with his patients and puts them at ease immediately. He has provided me with all facets of dental care and is very attentive to the comfort level of his patient. The office staff is terrific - professional, warm, and welcoming. I highly recommend this practice.

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Mark Simos


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Who likes going to the dentist? I’d rather have a root canal than go there…well, you get my point. But for over 20 years I have been going there. They cover the basics; pain free procedures, same day appointments, incredibly friendly professional staff and major discounts with every favorable review…well, I’ll let you know about this last one. Dr. Feldstein and Jo, his super assistant, are a great team. They manage to keep me calm even when he has most of his hand inside my mouth and his sidekick is suctioning my drool. I hope you don’t have to go to the dentist, but if you do, then go there, they are very good at their jobs.

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Are Smile Makeover Results Really That Impressive?
Check Out This "Jaw-Dropping" Before and After:

Before smile makeover
Before Smile Makeover
After smile makeover
After Smile Makeover
Several procedures provided this patient with a brighter, more symmetrical smile. Depending on your individual smile goals and dental health needs, our dentist can give you results like these using the latest advancements in cosmetic dentistry.

Providing the Best Dental Care Possible With Advanced Technology

Our Flushing practice is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including: 

  • Dental lasers
  • Digital X-rays
  • Intraoral photography

We also use trusted products and retailers, such as: 

  • Philips Zoom!® Nite White and Day White
  • Invisalign®
  • IPS e.max® veneers
Dental laser

Tell Me About Recovery Times

Different procedures result in different recovery periods for our patients. Dr. Feldstein and his team will tell you exactly what to expect during your comprehensive consultation at our Flushing, NY, office.
Before and after teeth whitening

Whitening Treatments

Noninvasive procedures like teeth whitening allow you to go back to your normal routine immediately.

Laser dental treatment

Laser Treatments

A laser treatment like gum contouring may result in mild soreness for a day or two. Eating softer foods for 48 hours can help.

Dental treatment


Recovery from surgical procedures such as placing dental implants can span several months.

Woman holding clear aligner


No recovery is needed with Invisalign aligners, but the teeth-straightening process could take between six and 18 months depending on your degree of misalignment.

"We're working on my 'Hollywood smile!'" Let's See What We Can Achieve Together


f m


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Dr. Michael Feldstein is kind, warm, humble, humorous and makes you feel at ease instantly! Currently, we're working on my "Hollywood smile"!! He's very thorough in explaining step-by-step process in everything he does, and with patience. He does all types of dental services and his work is beyond expectations - gorgeous!

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Bruno Buium


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Jewel dental was&is the highest level of dentistry in metropolitan N.Y.C I go there for years. Thank God ,that they are not to far from were i live.A special thanks to the staff of Jewel dental because they nothing less then magnificent.

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That's Quite an Investment  Aren't There Cheaper Over-the-Counter Treatments?

Sure, and we know that when money is tight, you might want to try a drug store or online product that claims to whiten or "enhance" your smile. 

In the simplest terms, nothing compares to the safety, effectiveness, and results that can be achieved by a highly regarded cosmetic dentist like Dr. Feldstein. 

For example, our at-home Zoom! teeth whitening kits can whiten your teeth in about two weeks. No store-bought product can come close.

We Make Dental Care Affordable Contact Us Today

If you want to improve your smile, we don't want there to be anything keeping you from doing just that, so we make our dental care affordable. In addition to accepting financing options, we offer discounts when patients combine certain procedures so it's easier to receive the comprehensive care they may need.

If you're interested in cosmetic dentistry, we invite you to ask our friendly dental staff about the discounts we offer and the financing options we accept. Send us a message with our form or call us in Flushing:

(718) 261-7071

Providing 5-Star Dental Care In Flushing, NY, Since 1983

"I have been using this dental practice since I’ve had teeth in my mouth (I am now in my early 50s). The entire staff is always caring and professional. The dentists themselves have hands of gold and are gentle and reassuring. They have taken every precaution to make sure their office is clean and safe for patients during COVID. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!!!! Do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment today. Your teeth will thank you!!" Dana Cochran
Dr. Michael Feldstein

Jewel Dental Associates Michael Feldstein DMD

Dr. Feldstein has been placing dental implants for over 30 years. In that time, he has successfully placed over 4,000 implants. In addition, he is a member of several prestigious organizations, including:

  • American Dental Association
  • New York State Dental Association
  • Queens County Dental Society
  • American Academy of Periodontics

For more information about the incredible results we can achieve with dental implants, contact our Flushing office online or call (718) 261-7071 today. 

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